Virtual Learning at a Physical Place.

Your child's curriculm. Our building. Our team of educators and coaches. Together, we can provide strategies that not only define success in trying times, but aim at and achieve it.


First Day of Academy Camp @ Junction Place Sportsplex will be Monday, August 24, 2020. We plan on offering camp at least through the end of September.

This is a fluid program and we will monitor the needs of the community and continue to add days as we go!

Academy Camp Basics:

Providing Some Clarity During a Difficult Time


Beginning on Monday, August 24. Ending whenever there is no longer a need. Each weekday with before care @ 7:30, regular day from 9-3 PM, after care ending @ 5:30 PM

Open To:

Students ages 5-18. Public, Private, Charter, Online, Homeschool, Alternative, IEP, etc.

We always strive to promote inclusion. Individual care plans may be required.

How in a Nutshell:

You select days, weeks or months to join us. Your child arrives with a compatible connective device. We gain access to be able to guide and assist school work.

Safety and Movement

Safety is always at the forefront of our decision making. We also are working with young people who need to physically move each day for a well rounded experience. We will do both!


Academy Camp @ Junction Place Sportsplex is an in-person option for virtual learning. Our goal is to provide an option for families where students can complete their virtual learning curriculum while also getting to play and loosely interact with a small number of peers in a setting outside of their home.

Team of Educators/Guides/Coaches

We hire the best so that you can have confidence when leave your student with us they will have all of the support, guidance and care they need. Our areas of expertise includes teaching, coaching, tutoring and enrichment programming. Aka, everything your child needs for a full school experience!

Safety Protocols and Facility Sanitation

Masks. Group Pods. Ventilation and 30 Foot Ceilings. Temperature Screenings. Weekly Wellness Reports. Daily Disinfection. We are taking this pandemic seriously. No one can guarantee complete protection from Covid-19. We can guarantee to take ever precaution possible to protector your child and family.

Sports, Movement and Play!

We know how important physical activity is for students and adults alike! We are already the best in youth sports and physical education programming. Not only will your child return home up-to-date on school work and curriculum but they will be happy and tired from a full day of sports, movement and play!

Youth Sports Programs

"Junction Place Sportsplex has been incredibly responsible, reliable and thorough throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. Their commitment to planning, implementing, evaluating and improving all components required to provide a safe, inviting and enriching 2020 Summer All Sports Camp @ Junction Place Sportsplex for my two children is why I will again trust them for the safety and care during this difficult school year."

- Lauren Russo- Mother of 2 and longtime supporter of Junction Place Sportsplex!