Monthly, Weekly and Daily Options Available!

School systems, families and daily life are in a time of flux. Some of this confusion has lead families to make more long-term decisions about educated their children this year and could benefit from monthly or weekly registration options. Others may be less sure of what the immediate future holds and may only need sporadic support. Either way, we have an option for you!

Monthly Registration

  • "Monthly Registrations may actually span multiple calendar months based on Monday start and Friday finish days of individual weeks (ex. Monday, August 24- Friday, October 2 will be our first available Monthly Registration timeframe)
  • Early Bird 1 formula is: Number of Days * $50/day
  • Early Bird 2 formula is: Number of Days * $60/day
  • Non- Early Bird formula is: Number of Days * $65/day

Weekly Registration

  • Weekly Registrations will represent Monday-Friday on each calendar week with a few exceptions (ex. The week of September 7-11 will be a four day week as we will be closed on Labor Day (September 7)
  • Early Bird 1 formula is: Number of Days * $60/day
  • Early Bird 2 formula is: Number of Days * 70/day
  • Non-Early Bird formula is: Number of Days * $75/day

Daily Registration

  • Daily Registrations will represent any one day of camp at any time the program is running. During registration however, you will be able to select multiple days and complete and pay for your registration at one time
  • Early Bird 1 formula is: Number of Days * $70/day
  • Early Bird 2 formula is: Number of Days * 75/day
  • Non-Early Bird formula is: Number of Days * $80/day

Registration Pricing Explained

In creating this program offering there were many things to consider. First and foremost is the safety of everyone involved. Science and common sense dictate that smaller groups, in more controlled and consistent environments is the safest way to assemble. Understanding that concept, and at the same time understanding the very different needs of so many families in our communities, we tried to balance the ability to operate in the safest possible fashion but still provide multiple options for the many different needs. This is why we have settled on a tiered pricing system. Pricing tiers are dictated on both time of registration (i.e. early bird pricing) and length of registration.

You will see that the price per day/week/month will be higher at every tier when compared to our Summer and Holiday Camp offerings. It simply will cost more to achieve our stated mission with this project. From staffing, to supplies, to cleaning and sanitizing, the list of expenses is bigger and each item more expensive than our traditional All Sports Camps.

Our pricing tiers have been created to incentives people to commit to longer, more consistent days of registration by offering significant price per day breaks to Monthly and Weekly registration types. This will help in our planning for best and safest practices, ability to minimize exposure to more people and create a more consistent learning environment for everyone.

Our "Early Bird" pricing tiers are also designed to help us better prepare for who and when will be coming to our building. Prior to each calendar month, "Early Bird" pricing tiers will reset. That is to say while our first two rounds of "Early Bird" tiers are set to end at 11:59 PM on Friday, August 7 and Friday, August 14, we will again offer "Early Bird" tiers for registrations of any kind on or after, Monday, October 5, 2020.

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